We have a whole new space dedicated to holistic wellness through different forms of Yoga. Our studio offers a serene environment meant for Yoga lovers and explorers! Its breezy interiors and spacious platform provides a feeling of motivation to dive into transformational routines towards health and wellness through the different styles of Yoga!
We provide different Yoga sessions that caters to each individual in every level, every age group, and every type of body structures. Like for instance, for people who seeks calmness and stress relief, the traditional Lifestyle Yoga is best to indulge but for the younger, energetic people who wants to have a break from the low intensity rhythm of traditional Yoga, opt for Power Yoga which is injected with a super dose of energy. And for those people recovering from or living with any kind of disease, we recommend Therapeutic Yoga sessions. It includes postures, breathing exercises, meditation, six cleansing techniques (Shatkarmas) and pose variations created according to the need of an individual. It is highly adaptable to accommodate the needs of different conditions and physical abilities of the practitioner. For example, if the person could not sit on the floor, this Yoga could be practiced while sitting on the chair.
We are affiliated with Yoga Alliance International which provides a better platform for Yoga enthusiasts who want to be certified and teach Yoga anywhere in the world. FnY Be a Yoga Trainer program is designed to be an intensive training program in the basics of studying and teaching Yoga. It is a comprehensive program for total immersion and transformation, for anyone serious and passionate about learning and teaching Yoga.
Our diverse Yoga styles and flavors are designed for not just for the Indian community but worldwide. People have the option to practice with us in our studio located in Panchkula City, or they can choose Yoga at Home Program and take personalized training at their home with our Yoga Instructors. They can also enroll in the most convenient Yoga Program Online Yoga Classes where only an internet connection is required in any device and you can practice Yoga anytime you want, anywhere you are in the world!

We also have Yoga Programs for busy people seeking improvement for their well-being without the hassle of leaving their offices. The Corporate Wellness Program is an excellent add-on to their lifestyle!
Also, holistic diet is our forte! Check out FnY’s Diet Consultancy!
The studio engulfs you towards an atmosphere where there’s a meeting of the mind, body and soul, with a hands-on approach to address the specific needs of each individual. It’s a perfect place to start your Yoga journey!