Maha Bandha

Maha Bandha

Sit in any comfortable pose. Keep the palms on the knees and slightly press them. Gently close the eyes and relax the whole body by watching the natural breath for a while. Now exhale completely through the mouth. Retain the breath outside. Perform Jalandhara, Uddiyana, and Mula Bandha – in this order. Hold the Bandhas and the breath as long as is comfortable, without straining. Then release Mula, Uddiyana, and Jalandhara Bandha – in this order. After coming back, inhale slowly. This is one round. Relax and let the breath return to normal before practicing the next round. Make 3-5 rounds.


Maha Bandha gives the benefits of all three Bandhas. It affects the hormonal secretions of all the glands and regulates the entire endocrine system. It is also beneficial for the autonomic nervous system, internal organs and muscles.

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