Combining technology and holistic approach is a new dawn of health and wellness! We have come up with the concept to combine the power of internet and FnY Yoga teachings!

We offer different types of Yoga according to what suits your fitness level, health background, age and lifestyle! Our unique approach towards health and wellness by teaching the different forms of Yoga have been effective in helping people of different needs to achieve their desired health goals and better well-being.

Our Master Guru, Dr. Anil Juneja, has almost 15 years of Yoga study and experience. He was brought up and learned Yoga in India, the place where Yoga was born. His passion and expertise is what makes our Yoga classes unique and engaging!

Now everyone can learn Yoga right at the comfort of their home using any device! Why not use the gadgets for minutes of holistic health! Learn Yoga at your most convenient time using your iPad, tablet, phone or laptop!

Enroll in our Online Yoga Classes and get unlimited access to various types of Yoga Streaming videos that are always available, anytime and anywhere.