We offer a whole new space dedicated exclusively to “Complete Body Management” treating holistic wellness through the practice of different forms of Yoga.

We teach Yoga in a time-tested way, with an in-depth study of Asanas (anatomically correct postures) and Pranayama (breathing). We adjust and modify ones Yoga routines according to age, goals and lifestyle! For instance, the young and energetic 20-year-old person can opt for Power Yoga but someone with chronic back pain should vouch for Therapeutic Yoga!

Our Instructors are carefully handpicked by the Founder himself, Mr. Juneja and he sees to it that they are not just fully trained and experienced but also passionate about Yoga. Our team of certified and associate Yoga Instructors do not just teach but “connect” with the students. The supportive and approachable Yoga teachers offer feedback during and after your Yoga session, facilitating you in every step but at the same time lets you explore Yoga on your own pace!

We serve, not just the Indian communities but the whole world with our personalized Yoga at studio, at home and online Yoga programs that will surely transform you into a person that you should be, well-toned, well disciplined, overall better well-being!