FnY Studio offers the best Yoga experience for all levels of Yoga learners. Our studio offers a serene environment meant for Yoga lovers and explorers! Its breezy interiors and spacious platform provides a feeling of motivation to dive into transformational routines towards health and wellness through the different styles of Yoga!

The different types of Yoga are practiced in the Studio according to what every individual’s capacity, strength, flexibility and overall wellness goal. Whether it’s the high energetic Power Yoga or the quiet flow of Lifestyle Yoga, there’s a variety of classes for all ages, groups and gender.

Power Yoga- this is the new age Yoga which is a transformational form of physical and spiritual fitness that combines strength, sweat and surrender. This is a break from the low intensity rhythm of traditional Yoga, injected with a super dose of energy. It is a derivative Ashtanga Yoga using more creative sequences and series of poses which emphasizes on two main points; holding the poses longer and practicing the poses in a rhythmic pace while synchronizing breathing techniques to each movement. This type of Yoga is one of the best tools for weight loss.

Lifestyle Yoga- is a traditional Yoga which postures are simple and easy to follow. The postures can be usually modified so there is a variation for everyone, whatever the level of flexibility is. Doing this type of Yoga regularly promotes calmness and harmony between the body and the mind.

Therapeutic Yoga- combines the ancient healing techniques of Yoga and Meditation in such a way that it becomes an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective ways to bring the body into balance. This is an art of healing which focuses on the treatment of people who are recovering from or living with any kind of disease. It includes postures, breathing exercises, meditation, six cleansing techniques (Shatkarmas) and pose variations created according to the need of an individual. It is highly adaptable to accommodate the needs of different conditions and physical abilities of the practitioner. For instance, if the person could not sit on the floor, this Yoga could be practiced while sitting on the chair.

Our Yoga trainers are not just qualified and experienced but have a passion to teach Yoga and connect with you in every way possible during each practice. Our certified Instructors do not just teach but facilitate our Yoga learners and guide them with our own ways but at the same time we let them discover Yoga in their own pace.

The Studio is perfectly design in a way that it helps you to transform your mind to the world of Yoga during every session.

Come visit and experience the difference in our FnY studio in Panchkula City, India!