Breathe Out the Stress

Pranayama (Breathing exercise) are world’s oldest healing techniques which helps us to prevent irreversible damage to our health and well being by learning how to reduce stress without having to spend years visiting the doctor, taking harmful prescription drugs. For stress, Bhramari Pranayama is considered as the best breathing exercise. It has immediate relaxing effect on the brain. Bhramari pranayama is very useful for person in depression, anxiety, insomnia. It acts as a miracle in throat problem. The word Bhramari is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Bhramar’ which means humming bee, this is because while performing this pranayama one sounds like a humming bee. Brahmari Pranayama forms vibrations in the brain. By these vibrations the cerebral cortex sends impulses directly to the hypothalamus, which controls the ‘Pituitary’ gland, the master of all glands that’s why mental tension, agitation, hypertension, migraine, paralysis, high blood pressure and heart diseases are positively affected. It also gives the practitioner the taste of meditation, as the effect is quite similar to that. It improves the glamour of the face. Its benefits do not end here- it improves one’s concentration levels and memory also. In my personal experience the most beneficial aspect is the calmness we are able to experience. This is one of the ways we can achieve Conscious Relaxation.
To start with, sit in a suitable relaxed posture where in your spine is straight, like Padmasana or Vajrasana etc. Cover both the ears by pressing the thumbs of both your hands. Place your index fingers on the forehead and let the remaining 3 fingers close your eyes. Inhale through both the nostrils, taking a real slow deep breath. Keep your mouth closed and begin slowly exhaling, making humming sound of a bee like “hmmmm” while reciting AUM mentally. This completes on cycle of Bhramari pranayama now inhale again and repeat the process. One should start by practicing it 10-12 times which can be gradually increased to 25-30 times. Do take break whenever you feel like taking it. After you finish the desired number of rounds sit quietly while hands are placed on your knees. You will experience that the vibrations lasts for minutes after the pranayama is completed and you can feel the bliss. If children practice this pranayama regularly it helps them in studies by increasing their memory and concentration power.