Yoga for Hair Growth – Hair Loss Treatment

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Hair loss is a universal phenomena caused by hereditary problems, poor blood circulation in head, poor diets, stress, etc. Yoga helps a lot in hair loss prevention. Yoga Asanas can improve the blood circulation in the head and help you overcomes stress and anxiety. Let me tell you about Shirshasana which does wonders to curb hair loss and improve hair growth. As the blood circulation to the scalp is increased, it promotes hair growth and improves the quality of sleep. Regular practice of this posture enhances awareness and improves the memory. Shirshasana is considered as the King of Asanas due to its effect on the entire body. The Sanskrit word ‘Shirsha’ actually means head. Hence this posture is better known as The headstand posture. Its physical and mental benefits derive both from emphasis on balance and the body’s inverted position. The other body parts that are benefited through this Asana are the endocrine glands; the Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid and Pineal glands. Shirshasana restores the position of vital organs by reversing gravity.

To start with, Fold both the legs at the knees and be seated on the heels of the feet. The body, neck, spine and head should be kept erect. Palms can be placed on the knees. Breathe normally. Interlock the fingers of hands and place them on the soft padding by leaning forward. Keeping elbows shoulder widths apart, gently place the back of the head on the inner side of the interlocked fingers. Now slowly lift knees from the floor and take one or two steps towards the head. Inhale and simultaneously lift the legs gently so that they are in a vertical position. Keeping the back straight, relax and breathe deeply from the abdomen.

Hold the sirshasana for 15-30 seconds. The time duration can be increased gradually up to three minutes with practice. While returning to the initial normal position, first bend the knees and place one leg on the floor first and then bring the other down. There are several variations to the sirshasana that you can try when you are comfortable with the normal position of it. First try spreading your legs wide apart, carefully separating them very slowly, while maintaining your balance, until they are as far apart as is comfortable. Bring your legs together before returning from the posture. Next you can try placing the soles of your feet together in a Butterfly position while steadily holding the pose.

Without the correct way of lifting the legs up, it is practically impossible to stand in this pose in the right way. The neck is sensitive when you are aligned incorrectly in the shirshasana, you can easily get injured. You should not attempt this posture if you are suffering from high or low blood pressure or any neck problem.

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